2 Kings, Chapter 10

- מ ל ה -

Jehu Decimates the Prophets of Baal

Now that Jehu has killed Joram, king of Israel, his next task is to solidify his position as the new ruler. Jehu sends a letter to the officers of Samaria, in which he demands that they pledge allegiance to him. Having seen how Joram and Ahaziah were killed, they immediately comply. Jehu then decrees that Joram’s sons be put to death. Soon enough, 70 heads are presented to him in baskets and displayed at the gates of Samaria. The new king’s next step will be to kill the family of Ahaziah, king of Judah, because they had intermarried with Joram’s household and therefore maintained blood ties with the former royal family.

After Jehu eliminates all threats, he proceeds to his next task-eradicating idolatry. Jehu shrewdly summons all of the prophets of Baal for a feast. Once they are gathered together inside a temple in Samaria, he orders his men to kill them. Jehu takes action to reinstitute worship of the God of Israel. The obliteration of idolatry and destructive behavior is a necessary step for repairing the world. Jehu is a vivid example of a man who takes action to spread and increase God’s light.

“Look even out the best and meetest of your master’s sons, and set him on his father’s throne, and fight for your master’s house” (2 Kings 10:3)

 “We are thy servants, and will do all that thou shalt bid us; we will not make any king: do thou that which is good in thine eyes” (2 Kings 10:5)

Purity is achieved by restricting negative impulses and eliminating evil thoughts and deeds.