1 Samuel, Chapter 14

- כ ה ת -

Jonathan Leads an Impressive Secret Operation Against the Philistines

Jonathan sets out on a secret operation to attack the Philistine rear, together with his young arms-bearer. He doesn’t reveal his plan to anyone—not even to his father. God gives Jonthan a sign that He is with him. Jonathan kills 20 Philistines and sows fear among the rest of the camp. Saul and the people, who are sheltering in Gibeah, suddenly understand that something is happening. They join the fight and defeat their enemies in a glorious battle. Saul imposes a general fast day under oath. Jonathan thinks this measure counterproductive, because it will weaken the armies. Following Jonathan’s instructions, the people begin to eat. The king of Israel finds out that his son displayed great leadership skills and allowed his men to eat. The following night, Saul oversees a massive slaughter of ox and sheep to feed the armies. Jonathan admits to having been the first to break the oath. The people thank him for his bravery and come to his salvation. Saul’s reign thrives. He strikes his enemies and expands his realm’s borders. Jonathan doesn’t succumb to negative emotions or thoughts. By choosing the right path, he attains great success and the admiration of his people. 

“It may be that the Lord will work for us: for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few” (1 Samuel 14:6)

 “So the Lord saved Israel that day” (1 Samuel 14:23)

“So Saul took the kingdom over Israel, and fought against all his enemies on every side… and whithersoever he turned himself, he vexed them… and delivered Israel out of the hands of them that spoiled them” (1 Samuel 14:47-48)

Positivity is realizing that every single thing comes from the creator and is therefore good.