2 Samuel, Chapter 11

- ל א ו -

David Sends Uriah to His Death on the Frontline, Takes His Wife

From his palace, David spies a woman bathing on the roof of her house. Her name is Bathsheba. She is the wife of Uriah the Hittite, one of the king’s infantry men. David covets her, has her brought to the palace, and lies with her. Later, Bathsheba informs him that she is pregnant with his child. Uriah refuses to leave David’s palace unprotected in times of war and is therefore unaware of the terrible deed committed against him. David orders that Uriah be sent to the frontline to ensure that he will be killed in battle. 

This incident is a clear example of how power can corrupt and deteriorate our souls. Power has led David to prioritize his needs over his principles and the welfare of his people. Choosing to follow our temptations, rather than our lofty principles, is a possibility that each person faces.

“And it came to pass in an eveningtide, that David arose from off his bed, and walked upon the roof of the king’s house: and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautiful to look upon. And David sent and enquired after the woman…And the woman conceived, and sent and told David, and said, I am with child”  (2 Samuel 11:2-5)

 “And he wrote in the letter, saying, Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire ye from him, that he may be smitten, and die” (2 Samuel 11:14)

Caution is “pausing” between our natural reactivity and chosen positive action.