Judges,Chapter 18

- י ר ת -

The Tribe of Dan Conquers Territory in Northern Canaan

Five men from the tribe of Dan search for new land. Micah hosts them in his house, where they recognize the voice of the Levite who had previously lived among them. They ask the Levite to consult with God to see if they will be successful on their journey. After doing their bidding, the Levite blesses them and wishes them success. The Danites set out to seek new territory in northern Canaan. They find a quiet and fertile area around Laish. They offer the Levite to join them and be their priest in the temple of the city they are about to conquer. Instead of serving one man, the Levite can now serve an entire tribe. The youngster agrees. Micah protests but is ultimately intimidated by the valor and strength of his opponents. The Danites capture Laish, rename it “Dan”, and appoint the young Levite their priest. Through his behavior, the Levite symbolizes the obligation we all have to share our blessings. He gives to others and is immersed in spiritual work. Whenever given the opportunity, he helps a larger group of people, until he finds himself serving an entire tribe. The Levite asks for nothing in returnall he wants is to bring light into his beneficiaries’ hearts.

“In those days there was no king in Israel: and in those days the tribe of the Danites sought them an inheritance to dwell in” (Judges 18:1)

“is it better for thee to be a priest unto the house of one man, or that thou be a priest unto a tribe and a family in Israel?” (Judges 18:19)

Giving must be done freely, without expectation of reward.