70 AD

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Titus Marches Before a Triumphal Procession in Rome

70 AD

The senate and people of Rome (dedicated this arch) to Divus Titus, son of Divus Vespasian, Vespasian Augustus, Pontifex Maximus, Tribune for a tenth time, consul for the eighth time, father of the motherland, and their ruler as by order of his father and reasoning of the providence subdued the Jewish people and destroyed their city Jerusalem, which many a general, king, and people attacked it in vain or withdrew without attempting to conquer it.”

Inscription in the Arch of Titus, according to medieval sources

Titus forces Jewish captives to march in a celebratory procession in Rome while displaying vessels of the Temple, including the golden menorah. This humiliating ceremony concludes with the public execution of Simon bar Giora. A few years later, Titus erects an impressive triumphal arch in front of the Colosseum to immortalize his victory over Judea.

A year after the fall of Jerusalem, the Romans conquer Machaerus, on the Transjordan, and Herodium, located south of Jerusalem. The last standing rebel stronghold is Masada. The new governor of Judea, Lucius Silva, lays siege to this Jewish fortress, where Eleazar ben Ya’ir and hundreds of zealots have been resisting Roman rule for a few years. After several months, the legionaries are able to build a battery and breach the walls. Many of the Jews commit suicide, while others are slain. The fall of Masada marks the end of the First Jewish-Roman War.

Masada is Rome’s final challenge in suppressing an evil, rebellious Judea. However, for the Jewish people, it becomes a symbol of defiance and freedom. Restoration and recovery are always possible. Every person has the power to heal – but it is up to us whether or not we choose to use this power. 

“The Senate and the Roman people to the deified Titus Vespasian Augustus, son of the deified Vespasian. monument, remarkable in terms of both religion and art, had weakened from age: Pius the Seventh, Supreme Pontiff, by new works on the model of the ancient exemplar ordered it reinforced and preserved” (The scripture on Titus Arch, Rome) 

The power to heal is the desire and ability to heal ourselves or others through both spiritual and physical means.