Joshua, Chapter 19

- ה א א -

The Remaining Tribes Receive Their Inheritance

The inheritance given to the tribe of Simeon is in southern Canaan, the center of which stands Be’er Sheva. Afterward, the tribe of Zebulun receives its inheritance, which starts at Carmel and encompasses Meggido, Mount Tabor, and the Beit Netofa Valley. Next is Issachar, who is to settle from around Mount Tabor to the Jordan River. The next tribe to receive its inheritance is Asher, who receives the Galilean coast. Naphtali is next, and it is apportioned a large region, from the northern Jordan River to the upper Galilee and southern Lebanon. Finally, the tribe of Dan receives the lands adjacent to the Yarkon river and the areas of Afek and Sha’ar HaGai. Once all the tribes find a home, they reach the peace and balance they had hoped to find since the day they were driven out of Egyptian bondage. Every person has a mission in this world. When we fulfill our mission, we reach a place of balance and inner peace.

“These are the inheritances… So they made an end of dividing the country” (Joshua 19:51)

Certainty in the love and blessings of the Creator leads to peacefulness and the end of violence.